Underwater World Langkawi

Underwater World Langkawi, Malaysia's most exciting tourist destination, welcomes visitors to get a glimpse at the exciting world of deep-sea creatures. The biggest marine and freshwater aquarium in Southeast Asia, visitors should seize the opportunity to go through the tunnel, which is home to various enormous fish and aquatic species. Underwater World Langkawi’s location had drawn a great number of residents as well as international visitors when it was opened in August 1995. The goal of this facility has been to promote knowledge, education, and enjoyment. As a result, the aquatic realm appeals to international travellers and families with children.

The massive 15-meter-long walk-through passageway, filled with 5,00,000 litres of salt water, is exclusive to Underwater World Langkawi and contains a variety of large fish and marine species, such as the Giant Green Turtle. The Freshwater Fish Section, the Seashell Display, and the Koi Pond are several highlights. Bring the whole family to the Underwater World Langkawi for an unforgettable day.

Essential Information

How to Reach
Best time to visit
UnderWater World LangKawi

By road - You could travel by the road if you wish to enjoy the long drive and get mesmerised by the splendid landscapes of Langkawi. You can either drive up to the place directly by hiring a cab or a taxi, or you could catch the bus from Langkawi City Center to Coco Valley or Zon Duty-Free Zone. This is How to get to Underwater World Langkawi.

By Cab/ Car- You could fly to the Langkawi Internation Airport, and from there, you can visit the Underwater World Langkawi by driving the remaining 9 km in a taxi or a car. You could also cover up the remaining distance by running buses.

By Jetty - Underwater World Langkawi is also accessible by Jetty. To go to Kuah Town, travel on a jetty from the Ferry Pier. Depending on the climate, the journey might take anywhere from 30 to 50 mins. To get to Underwater World Langkawi, use a taxi or book a cab after you are in Kuah Town.

Facilities at Underwater World Langkawi

Souvenir Shops
Souvenir Shops

There are 2 souvenir shops on the premises of the Underwater World Langkawi. You could take home various gift shop items for your family. One of the souvenir shops has things made up of wax, porcelain and even jewellery. However, you may find items of glass in the second shop.

Underwater World Langkawi
Neptune Cafe

Neptune Cafe is the in-house restaurant on the Underwater World Langkawi premises. You can also grab a quick snack or some cold drinks during your visit to the establishment.

Tips to Visit Underwater World Langkawi

  • You could always opt for scheduled photoshoots, which take place every day between 3 - 3.15 pm.

  • If you hold a colourful phone case, or anything which has bright colours and is vibrant, you could attract African penguins, and you would have a fun time with them.

  • Always visit the Underwater World Langkawi during the feeding hours, as you will see and learn a lot about the inhabitants of the establishment at different zones at Underwater World Langkawi.

  • You could get a golden opportunity to hold a snake and Chinese water dragon for RM10.

  • If you wish to exit, you will have to go through the ZON shopping complex, where you will be able to shop for various products at some huge discounts. After your visit to Underwater World Langkawi, you can also explore other things to do in Langkawi.

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